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Hardin Valley Lacrosse Info/Equipment List

Fall and Spring Lacrosse

Hardin Valley Lacrosse offers competitive fall and spring lacrosse seasons for all teams. 

Fall seasons typically run from the beginning of each school year until the end of October.  Fall lacrosse is a shorter season focused on developing players skills and typically uses compact field sizes/fewer players per side during games. 

Spring seasons typically start in February/March and run though the end of the school year. Spring seasons features a full schedule of competition against other Knoxville and East Tennessee clubs. Spring offers full-field/full-team lacrosse and emphasizes teams play/concepts. 

Eligibility Requirements (Grade/Age/School)

Hardin Valley Lacrosse runs competitive boys' teams in the following divisions:

High School - open to Hardin Valley Academy and home schooled students who are zoned for HVA and in grades 9th-12th. 

Middle School - open to students in grades 6th-8th grade who attend Hardin Valley, Cedar Bluff Middle or other public and private area schools that do not offer lacrosse (including Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Clayton-Bradley, etc.)

Youth Teams - Hardin Valley offers teams in the following age divisions, based on the number of players. Girls are eligible to play on the youth teams, but we do play a "boys" schedule.  Students may be from any area school and be grades K-5th grade.  Students may be asked to "play up" an age group to make full teams. 

  • 8U - Born in or after Sept. 2013
  • 10U- Born in or after Sept. 2011
  • 12U- Born in or after Sept. 2009

USA Lacrosse Membership Requirements

All Hardin Valley lacrosse players are required to join USA Lacrosse for insurance purposes. 

Sign up for your USA Lacrosse membership at Become a USA Lacrosse Member.

Player annual membership is $30/$35 per year. 


High school uniforms (jersey/shorts)are purchased through the school. Expected costs will be $90-120

Middle School uniforms (jersey/shorts) are purchased through the club. Expected costs will be $90-120. 

Youth players will purchase numbered pinnies or uniforms depending on team. Expected costs will be $20-30 for pinnies, $90-120 for full jerseys. 



Fall and spring season practices are held at the Hardin Valley schools complex.  Fall practices typically start at the beginning of the school year and run until early Nov.  Spring practices start in early Feb./early March depending on the age group (HS/MS start earlier) and run until the end of the school year. 

Families are expected to notify a coach in advance if their player cannot attend a scheduled practice or game.


High School - skills training and participation in the independently run Knox-area fall high school league.  Practices Tues/Thus at 5:30-7 p.m., and Sat. 9-10:30 a.m. at Hardin Valley Elementary.  Fall sessions run Aug. 31 - Oct. 30. 

Middle School - skills training and games/scrimmages.  Practices Tues/Thus at 5:30-7 p.m., and Sat. 9-10:30 a.m. at Hardin Valley Elementary.  Fall sessions run Aug. 31 - Oct. 30. 

Youth (K-5th grades) - learn lacrosse and skills sessions. Practices Tues/Thus at 5:30-6:30 p.m.  Fall sessions run Aug. 31 - Oct. 21. 

Equipment List

Hardin Valley Lacrosse players are required to provide their own lacrosse sticks and protective equipment.  Goalie equipment is provided by the team for those trying that position. 

Lacrosse equipment can be purchased at a few major sporting good stores in Knoxville (Academy Sports, Dicks, etc.), at online lacrosse-specific websites or purchased second-hand. In some cases, the team may be able to help you find used gear. 

U.S. Lacrosse provides equipment and sizing information at Many lacrosse-specific websites also have sizing charts that can help you measure players. 

Equipment List

  • HELMET (Required) - Must be lacrosse-specific, marked meets NOCSAE standard. If you are purchasing a new helmet, please purchase light “Hopkins//Hardin Valley” blue to match uniforms.  The High School team will soon move to a required color scheme, which can be customized at  Cascades' Factory Custom site to match the image above. 
  • MOUTHGUARD (Required) – Must be visible color (not clear or white)
  • SHOULDER PADS (Required) - Covers top of shoulder, collarbone & sternum . For 2022 and beyond, shoulder/chest pads must say NOCSAE, ND200 certified.        
  • ARM PADS (Required) -  Elbow should be completely covered with pad extending down forearm toward glove
  • GLOVES (Required) - Should cover 2"-3" above the wrist. Please purchase WHITE gloves, which will become the standard for the High School team
  • CLEATS (Recommended) - Lacrosse-specific are best
  • RIB PADS (Optional) - Most players do not use
  • STICKS (Crosses) - Each player is responsible for providing their stick
    • The stick/crosse must be an overall length of 40 - 42 inches for attackmen and midfielders
    •  52 - 72 inch length for defensemen (high/middle school defenders should use the longest pole the player is comfortable with)
    • All beginning players should purchase 40-42 inch attack/midfield sticks to learn the game